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There are often questions regarding 'Free Public Newsservers'. There are not many of those, though quite a number are misconfigured in a way to grant access to non-members. This is seldomly intended and use (and of course esp. abuse) of such servers can lead to juristical consequences. If you need an alternative newsfeed you can sign-up with one of the commercial newsservers, or find one of the few free newsservers. For more infos look at

Things I dislike

SPAM, UBE and UCE are the plagues of the Net. Meant are all kinds of abusive e-mail and newspostings, especially unsolicited advertisements, often accompanied by frauds of all sorts. Fight Spam (not the food)!
More resources on 'Spam':, Fifi's Spam-Archive, Guidelines in German by Newsmistress Bettina, Get that Spammer, Sam Spade, Reporting Spam, and lots more...

Join the petition against 'Spam'. Current plans for EC-wide regulation of electronic advertisement (e.g. via e-mail) look bad for the online-community. The current draft suggests a compulsory mark in the subject line of e-mail advertisements, but fails to state anything on the matter of unsolicited junk e-mail. Other than with classic ('snail'-) mail the recipient has to pay for the transfer, not to forget the possibility of blocking the electronic mailbox with unwanted junk e-mails. The petition wants to help the officials to realize the need to ban unsolicited commercial e-mail and address faking (which is quite usual between 'Spammers').


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