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Emoticons are a subset of 'Smilies', small symbols composed of chars to indicate the writer's state of mind. They are used to express emotions, indicate humour, irony and the like. I will not enlarge on the descriptive Smilies.
A lot of emoticons have more than one possible interpretation, for those the meaning has to be taken from context.


happy, smile; funny
;-) wink; ironic
very surprised, amazed
sad, frowning
=:-) dickhead
:-| disgusted, bored
crying (doesn't show depending on font)
"my lips are sealed"
>:-) scheming
(-: left-handed smiley
:-& biting tongue
sticking out tongue
%-) stared at screen too long, cross-eyed
#-) stayed up too late
:-] biting lip
:-| out of words
>:-( angry
laughing, big grin
smirk; sceptical
|-) sleeping; blind (to spot sth. obvious)
one-eyed wink
:-O "Wow!"
:-c unhappy
:-> funny, happy, grinning, "hey hey"
>:) mischievous grin
:-} smirk
:-8 lying (speaking through both sides of mouth)
:-J tongue in cheek
:-C unbelieving (dropped jaw)
:-< forlorn, very sad
O:-) angel (at heart)
drunken; clown
;-( crying
>:-> sarcastic, devilish grin
:-7 wry statement
:-@ screaming
:-o surprised, yawn, "Uh oh!"
|-I sleeping
indifferent smile, not happy, not sad
:-)' drooling
:-s bizarre comment, sarcastic
:-e disappointed
,-} wry and winking
>:-> leering, devilish grin
~:o baby (or behaving like one)
:'-) crying (out of happiness)
;-@ swearing, angry

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